A vehicle at a Savage Road home in Industry was damaged in a vandalism spree between April 19 and 20. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office photo

FARMINGTON — Four males from the Anson-Madison area, including three juveniles, have been charged in connection to an April 19-20 vandalism spree that damaged vehicles, houses and headstones.

Police said high-powered BB guns were used, and more than 30 headstones were toppled or damaged in Fairview Cemetery.

The cases are being joined into one report for Franklin County that will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office with more charges expected to come.

Damage is well over $5,000.

The vandalism started in Somerset County and then went down to the Franklin County towns of Farmington, Industry and Wilton, Franklin County Lt. David St. Laurent said. The individuals were all in the same vehicle.

Cameron Melancon, 18, of Anson was issued a summons on a felony charge of aggravated criminal mischief. It carries up to five years in prison and a maximum $500 fine. Three boys, two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old, have also been issued a summons on the same charge.

Police are also interviewing a fourth 17-year-old in connection to the case.

Four residents in the town of Industry reported damaged vehicle windows, according to a joint news statement from the Farmington police Chief Kenneth Charles, Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr., and Farmington and Wilton police chief Heidi Wilcox.

Seven residents in Farmington reported damage to vehicles and homes. Later that day, over 30 headstones were found to have been tipped over or damaged at Fairview Cemetery off High Street and Farmington Falls Road in Farmington, according to police.

Two residents in Wilton also reported damage to their vehicle and or homes.

Also on April 20, a Somerset County Sheriff’s deputy located evidence associated with the incidents while investigating a vehicle fire in the town of Anson. This evidence resulted in identification of suspects in the spree. Reports of similar activity were also investigated by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office. Additional charges in that county are anticipated.

Estimated damages in the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office case is more than $4,000, Sheriff Scott Nichols wrote in an email.

Besides windows, there were reports of BBs hitting vinyl siding on houses, St. Laurent said.

The suspects could possibly face up to 14 to 15 charges of aggravated criminal mischief in Franklin County, St. Laurent said.

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