When I write, I listen to music.

I’m not precious about it. If I have to write on deadline in a loud, packed basketball arena while a game I’m not covering is played in front of me, I can tune it all out and bang out a solid story. But when I sit down to write a long feature, with interviews all transcribed and notes spread in front of me, music has to be in the background. The same goes for when I sit down to write a column. In those moments, my SiriusXM subscription pays for itself.

Many of us have our go-to favorites. For me, two bands typically turn on my word spigot and get my fingers punching the keyboard. Pearl Jam, and the Tragically Hip, two bands who were along for my ride from teenager to adult. Pearl Jam is still going strong, and I have tickets to see them when the tour that was supposed to kick off in March 2020 finally goes off. Unfortunately, we won’t get new music from the Tragically Hip. We lost lead singer Gord Downie to brain cancer in 2017. If you haven’t heard of the band, watch the documentary “Long Time Running,” a chronicle of the Hip’s goodbye tour in 2016 and a look at the impact they had on their native Canada.

When there wasn’t sports for so long last year, there was always music. Over the last year or so, the songs of Pearl Jam and the Hip were the soundtrack that helped pull me back from all the negative that was constantly in our faces. It’s not hyperbole to say their music kept me sane.

I’ve written this annual sports haiku collection for years now. I’m not an accomplished poet and I’ve never aspired to be. I figure, if writing these goofy little things entertain me, maybe they’ll entertain you.  If they’re not your thing, I’ll be back to my usual foolishness next week. Thanks for indulging me.

The Tragically Hip song “Daredevil” is playing as I write this. So here we go, plunging over the falls.


Mother’s Day No. 1

Right arm in pieces

Pain dope, am I still in cleats?

Her face, Pain subsides


Another No Hitter

Wade Miley? That guy?

Mediocre to a T

Hit homers or zilch


Taylor Hall

Krejci’s elixir

Rejuvenate two careers

In one line pairing


Mac Jones

Tide rolls the future

Precision, football IQ

Dad bod, but slings it


Boston Celtics

Selling illusions

One day you’re great, the next, meh

Good? Bad? Pick a lane


Jeremy Swayman

Black Bear, a Bruin

A wall, Orono design

Somewhere, Red smiles



Black Bears in first round

Season away, Blue Bombers

Grey Cup still all yours


Kentucky Derby

Baffert wins again

Medina Spirit, two more

Midnight Bourbon dry


Maine High School Football

Flags replace tackles

Normal sniffs around the world

Football waits, crickets


Red Sox Hitters

Franchy, Dalbec whiff

Xander sets pace, JD back

If all get hot, wow!


Red Sox Pitchers

Strong, steady ERod

Question marks everywhere

Tanner Houck, why not?


High School Sports

Masks off. Ah, smiles!

Cold spring games no match, spirit

wins time and again


Mother’s Day No. 2

A lead blown, head shakes

Text: “Sox giving it away.”

She knows. Always has.


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