I believe the primary reason some people question the integrity of our last election is because of the lies of the former president and other Republicans who are afraid to speak out against the lies.

These lies have given Republicans in some states the opportunity to propose and pass restrictive voting laws to make it difficult for minorities to exercise their right to vote. These actions reinforce these lies.

There is no verifiable evidence of any significant voter fraud in any state. 

Those who broke into the Capitol, carried a Confederate flag in its halls, damaged and defaced the building, and beat police with the flag of the United States are thugs — not patriots. They attempted to overturn valid election results.

Mark Gerson recently did an interview with Sen. Cory Booker. A comment was made that freedom is not the ability to do what you want without constraints. Freedom and order must be done within a structure.

The people who want to restrict the right to vote seem to be afraid of those who look, speak, and pray differently.

Alexis de Tocqueville said democracy is a great experiment. Those who do not speak out against the lies and conspiracy theories of organizations such as QAnon may cause the failure of our great experiment.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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