How to follow up one very moving Buzz? By making this one even more moving.

First up: Pack your bags — we’re Oxford County-bound.

The Wall Street Journal used U.S. Postal Service change of address requests for the past three years to see who was moving where, by county.

Last year, York County attracted the most people (6,665 moved in, 4,383 moved out, for a net gain of 2,282.) That was followed by Cumberland County (8,025 in, 7,314 out, net gain of 711) and, more surprisingly, Oxford County (1,373 in, 877 out, net gain of 496, more than double the number of the past several years.)

Go Oxford! Maybe it was the pandemic-fleeing peace and quiet.

Androscoggin County netted 40 people and Franklin County lost 32.


Pre-pandemic, though, Androscoggin was something of a hot spot netting 406 people in 2019 and 319 in 2018, in both years the second-highest gains behind York County.


WalletHub has come out with “2021’s Best Places to be a Real Estate Agent” looking at 179 cities and 22 “healthy real estate environment” indicators like agent wages, days on market and median home prices.

We’ll get the ouch out of the way first: Lewiston ranked 147th overall.

But, under the measure “most attractive for real estate employment,” Lewiston ranked No. 1.

Portland, which ranked No. 15 overall, also ranked No. 1 under “highest housing market health index.”


Go us!


A national survey of work-from-home employees by Gunther Volkswagen Delray Beach found 21% of Maine respondents said they’d worked from their cars during the pandemic.

Nationally, 17% said they liked their vehicle’s sound system, 7% controlling the temperature and 4% the adjustable seat.

Idaho came in lowest at 10% of people working from cars and Michigan the highest at 38%.

Web Editor Carl Natale contributed to this Buzz.

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