May 17, 2021

Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, Sandy River Plantation, and Dallas Plantation are working together to improve and provide broadband options for our region.

The solution for our region will:

*Be reasonably priced;

*Include access for everyone;

* Meet current and future broadband needs.

The Town of Rangeley issued a request for proposals to providers and along with delegates from the Plantations have selected a potential service provider. The next step in this process is to draft an agreement between Rangeley and the Plantations so the four communities can work cooperatively. The mechanism for this is an interlocal agreement.

All four municipalities have placed a warrant article on their annual Town Meeting Warrant to get voter approval to negotiate such an agreement. This first vote only gives the municipalities the approval to negotiate an interlocal agreement. To move forward with any potential solutions, each municipality will hold a special Town Meeting in the future to get voter approval for the final agreement and to move forward with a broadband solution.

Supporting an interlocal agreement will keep the process moving forward. Stay tuned for additional information on the proposed solution. For more information, please contact the Rangeley Town Office at 207-864-3326.

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