The Rangeley Friends of the Arts continues the Community Art Project with “Rangeley Rocks ME,” a new geo-tagging project where people paint rocks, place them somewhere, photograph and post their locations on a Facebook page. Another person then finds the painted rock and take it away with them on their travels. They then place it someplace else, photograph and post its new location, so the rock travels and you can follow the travels of your rock.

Rangeley Rocks Guidelines: Please submit at least two rocks, one large and one small, more submissions are allowed.  One rock would be a large flat rock (minimum of 6″ x 10″) suitable for stacking in a cairn, or tower of stacked rocks. For the large flat rock artists should focus the decorative painting around the edge so stacking will not obscure the design. The other rock should be smaller, suitable for traveling. The painting on this rock could cover the entire top side.

All rocks should be cleaned well by scrubbing with soap and water before painting. Allow them to dry for a day before painting, so the paint will adhere well.  Paint should be acrylic.

Rock Submission: small rocks can be submitted anytime by dropping off in the alley to the left of the Lakeside Theater. Large rocks need to be dropped off before June16th at the Lakeside Theater office Monday-Thursday between 10am and 2pm or by dropping in the alley to the left of the Theater.

After the rocks are submitted, the RFA will affix a label to the bottom with info and a QR code where photos can be posted, and apply a clear coat to the top and bottom for protection from the elements.  Artists and their rocks will be photographed together at the stacking ceremony at noon on July 3rd. We will display the rocks in the alley all summer and enjoy watching their travels on the Facebook page.

For more information visit the “Rangeley Rocks ME” group on Facebook.

For the RFA’s complete schedule of events and programs, visit

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