DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why is the Lewiston House of Pizza on Lincoln Street closed? It has been one of our favorite places to order pizza over the years.—Marcel, no town

ANSWER: Oh dear, you must have called or stopped in on a Sunday. The staff members at Lewiston House of Pizza assure me they are open for dine-in, take-out and delivery, and business is strong.

The restaurant seeks to be open seven days a week but, like many businesses, is having trouble hiring employees. Those looking for employment might want to give a call Monday through Saturday at 207-786-2020.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few weeks ago, Sun Spots listed two resources for cleaning out homes and taking away trash. I have five bags of rock solid cement the city did not take away on Junk Day and I need to have them removed before I get cited. I’m already on an extension.—Gabrielle, no town

ANSWER: Call The Dump Guy (, a company that will take care of all kinds of stuff. They are reasonably priced and easy to communicate with.

Another option is 1-800-Got-Junk (  This business is also incredible when it comes to getting rid of things you no longer want or need.

With both of these companies, you do not have to lift a finger, except to point at what you want gone whether the stuff is in your yard , attic, basement, crawl space, garage, barn or living room. They also remove demolition materials and yard debris.

I have personally used both of these businesses and they are great, but if anyone knows someone local who can help this reader, please write.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Well, you did it again! I submitted information on a lost Jeep key fob this past Mon. (May 24 Sun Spots) and I delivered the key to its owner the morning of May 26. I was curious about where she got the information as it had been posted on Facebook and our Neighborhood app. As usual, you delivered.—Elaine, no town

ANSWER: Thanks for letting us know Sun Spots works. It sounds like you covered all the bases when you found those keys, and I have to say how grateful I am people like you exist. Not everyone would go through the time and trouble to take all those steps. You should be quite pleased for setting everything in motion that brought those precious keys back to their owner.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I wrote to Sun Spots on May 5 inquiring about a cover for my old Kindle. I got a call from a wonderful lady from New Gloucester who had a used one I could have because her Kindle no longer worked. I am so happy and just wanted to let you know of my success. Thank you.—Pauline, Auburn

ANSWER: Wonderful! Knowing the outcomes to all the letters that come in is so rewarding.

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