I’d like to comment on Crystal Ward’s excellent letter to the editor (“Water rate hike ‘drastic’ in trying times,” May 25) regarding the increase of water rate in Lewiston — I totally agree with her.

I’ve been tracking the unit cost for water and sewer since prior to 2013. Although it’s true that the water rate has not gone up that much since then, the sewer rate has gone up continuously.  I look at my total bill, not just for water.

My Dec. 4, 2013 water rate was $3.80 per unit, and the sewage rate was $5.09 per unit. By March 1, 2021 the water rate was $6.51 per unit, and the sewage rate was $8.79 per unit.

I realize that usage makes a difference on the bottom line, but I look at my total out-of-pocket cost. The runoff fee in 2008 started at $10, then went to $11, $12.50, and is now $15. Why is the runoff fee going up? Runoff is runoff. What is the cost to the city?

I agree with Ms. Ward that this is not the time to raise rates — inflation is obvious everywhere we shop. I hope that the Water Division will think further, and reconsider the proposed increase.

Jennie Peters, Lewiston

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