DEAR SUN SPOTS: There was yet another horrible loss of innocent lives due to speeding and yet I can’t recall the last time I saw law enforcement monitoring a road for speeders. I know police officers are stretched thin, but how is it determined that monitors are needed? Who can we write to or call to receive help getting some priority given to this problem? We appreciate Sun Spots as a resource when we can’t find answers on our own! — No name, no town

ANSWER: Thank you for your faith in me, but I’m just a tenacious person doing my job.

So, unless you’ve already attempted this, as a concerned citizen, you need to make contact with your city’s government. You can write or call the chief of police, the city manager, and/or the mayor. If you have a specific location you are worried about, be sure to include that with any other details in your correspondence or calls. If you want to write a letter and have others with the same concerns sign it; that would be helpful. The more voices heard on the topic, the better.

If you have a broader area of concern outside the city limits that involves a state road or crosses counties, the Maine Department of Transportation and your county’s sheriff’s department should also be notified.

Where I live, residents complained about speeders to the sheriff’s department and MDOT. In short order, we had one of those big mobile radar signs that alerts drivers that they are speeding, along with a sheriff to monitor the situation. It helped.

I know it’s a little work to make these contacts, but you could be instrumental in preventing further injuries and fatalities by taking the time to speak up. Encourage others to do the same and a solution will be brought forth, hopefully sooner rather than later.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Knights of Columbus is sponsor a blood drive June 7 from 1 to 6 p.m. at the Parish Hall of Holy Trinity Church at 67 Frost Hill Ave. in Lisbon Falls. Please call 1-800-733-2767 or visit to schedule an appointment. — Ray, no town

ANSWER: Please donate blood if you are able. If you can’t attend this event, contact the Red Cross to locate blood drives in your area.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I noticed what appeared to be teeny grains of pepper on the windowsills of my daylight basement, but these specks were moving.

I tend to get freaked out about bugs so I got some Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkled it on the windowsills. That quickly stopped these bugs in their tracks.

Last fall I had some Halloween ladybugs on the same window sills so now I fear I will be invaded. I live in a new house so this isn’t from rot or mildew. I hope someone in Sun Spots Land can shed light on the subject as I continue to sprinkle newcomers. — No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: My guess is that these moving specks are clover mites and you’re doing the right thing by using Diatomaceous Earth. Cleaning your sills with diluted bleach may also help. If you continue to do battle with these annoying little nasties, please call a pest control company for advice.

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