There is a growing push by educators across the country to adopt “anti-racism” curricula in our schools.

Critical Race Theory is a Marxist-inspired discipline that categorizes people as either “oppressors” or “oppressed.” It uses pleasant-sounding euphemisms such as “equity” and “culturally responsive teaching” to incorporate their indoctrinating ideas to the young and vulnerable.

Parents are fighting back, though. One such father is Andrew Gutmann, who pulled his daughter from New York City’s Brearley School because of the school’s obsession with race. In an article he wrote recently, Gutmann said, “I have received emails from parents expressing devastation that their kids, as young as five years old, are coming home from school after being taught to feel guilty solely because of the color of their skin. I have received messages from grandparents feeling hopeless that their grandchildren are being brainwashed and turned against their own families.”

I believe this is moving humanity backward and destroying all the hard work accomplished by our civil rights leaders over 50 years ago. If racism is systemic in America today, then how did we elect a Black president twice with a majority of white voters, and why are many immigrants eager to come here every year?

Adopting a color-blind approach to race, as Martin Luther King Jr. preached, and working together to solve issues is the path we should teach our children. They should be given equal opportunity, not equal outcomes (equity), to work toward their goals and strive as Americans.

Kevin Landry, Lewiston

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