To the Editor:

As a long time subscriber to the Bethel Citizen, I’ve watched with concern as the ownership changes and focus of the paper has gone from local to statewide and international. There are many reasons for this, but I would like to highlight one of the less published factors: bias and partisan reporting of news.

Last week’s Kids’ Edition had a factually inaccurate and slanted version of the Middle East conflict. What’s next? Critical race theory and the 1619 project?

Everybody understands that this conflict goes back thousands of years, not like, as the article states, beginning in 1948. For those who like the truth, see the massacre in Hebron in 1929 instigated by the Mufti of Jerusalem, a close friend of Adolph Hitler.

This Kids’ Edition is left wing propaganda, pure and simple. Does the owner and editor really believe that the Bethel community wants this stuff in THEIR paper? Ad revenues and the shrinking of size and quality say that perhaps the focus on the customers of the Bethel Citizen has been lost in the desire to appear diverse, as the headline above the fold states.

Paul Hausman
Albany Township

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