In his June 10 letter “America isn’t ‘a football game between two parties,’” Joe Voisine argues that Democrats are responsible for high unemployment, crime and inflation rates.

However, a quick check of data reveal the fallacy of his other assertions. For example:

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, unemployment fell more under Obama (from 10 to 4.7%) than under Trump (from 4.7 to 3.5%).

Further, GDP growth under President Trump was only 1.03%, compared to Obama’s 1.59%.

While inflation is up, the Federal Reserve attributes much of the rise to supply chain issues (stemming from both COVID and Suez Canal issues) and rocketing demand as lockdowns cease — neither of which is political in nature.

Yes, violent crime is up. However, the surge (over 30%) started in 2020, largely because of the combination of COVID lockdowns and racial justice protests — under a Republican president.

Further, while Voisine complains that access to COVID vaccines feels like a “lottery game,” at least that’s a “game” for the cure, as opposed to the “lottery game” of catching the disease which killed 600,000-plus fellow Americans under the previous administration.

Mr. Voisine is right: the democratic ideals upon which America was founded are far from a game. For 200-plus years, our imperfect-but-striving-to-be-more-perfect union has inspired democracies worldwide, and offered a beacon of hope to those drawn to our borders. And this serious venture in democracy must be rooted in critical thinking based on verifiable facts and evidence.

Susan Young, Auburn

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