Heather Hunter, left, pictured in 2017 with former City Administrator Ed Barrett.

LEWISTON — Heather Hunter, the longtime finance director, is now the city’s interim city administrator.

The City Council unanimously approved the appointment after a nearly two-hour executive session Tuesday.

The move comes on the heels of resignations from both City Administrator Denis D’Auteuil and Deputy City Administrator Dale Doughty.

According to the City Charter, the city’s finance director is considered third in command.

A council resolution late Tuesday said “in addition to prescribed language in the City Charter, the City Council supports Heather Hunter fulfilling this role,” and said “not to lose momentum, the City Council directs the interim city administrator to make changes as needed, execute strategic initiatives, make other interim appointments, and suggest recommendations to the current organizational structure” in the city.

The council order said the appointment will come with an interim salary adjustment of 5% and other adjustments effective July 28.


D’Auteuil’s last day is scheduled for July 27, while Doughty said his will be roughly July 14.

When D’Auteuil announced his resignation in late April, he said he intended to join the private sector, while Doughty said Monday that he’s leaving due to a “professional opportunity that I can’t pass up at this time.”

Both administrators are leaving Lewiston government after only a year in their respective positions.

Faced with wholesale changes in the administrator’s office Monday, Mayor Mark Cayer said, “Change is occurring in our community, but with change comes opportunity. Rethinking how we do things with fresh eyes is never a bad thing. We have a City Council and a staff that has dealt with the unexpected for a year and a half. I have great confidence in this council and our staff to move our city in a positive direction.”

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