LIVERMORE — Tuesday, Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller shared details with the Board of Selectpersons about a meeting held that morning with owners of Barnyard All Terrain and other officials.

Representatives from the State Police, Androscoggin County Sheriff Office and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife were there, Miller said.

During the weekend of June 4 to 6, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel were tied up with several incidents at the Boothby Road business.

Josh Lovewell owns and operates the venue with his father, David, and mother, Jill.

Meeting discussions focused on how to move forward with these events without taxing local emergency medical services (EMS), law enforcement and the fire department, Miller noted.

“It was a pretty good round table discussion,” he said. “It was very positive.”

Communication with the staff, hired security, law enforcement and other first responders is key, Miller noted. That will ensure response for injuries or any other problems arising, he added.

Suggestions for improvements included lights, a possible street light and signs so people know what’s going on, traffic can be aware, he said.

“The owners were very receptive to that,” Miller added.

Barnyard All Terrain is going to hire one more additional sheriff officer to help coordinate any calls they get during events, Selectperson Tracey Martin said.

“They’re already hiring 12 private security, they have nurses on site,” she noted.

There were four EMS calls and 13 sheriff office calls, Martin said. The state police ran a traffic detail and had 64 traffic stops, she added.

Signs put up in the past have been taken down by the Maine Department of Transportation, Martin said. They need to coordinate with them, are talking with Central Maine Power about getting a street light there, she added.

“Some good suggestions came from the state police,” Miller said. “One was setting up markers, stones, quadrants so if there is a call they can respond efficiently.”

“We had a good meeting today with Dave,” Livermore Fire Chief Donald Castonguay said. “Our guys know where everything is. We’re going to respond, will go to the front gate and they’ll take us to where we need to be.”

Crowds and alcohol were noted as issues by Castonguay. “I can’t risk my guys for that,” he said.

“Overall the meeting was productive,” Miller said.

In other business, Miller said a good meeting was held with Michael Webber about cleaning up town cemeteries.

Several concerns were raised at the June 7 Selectperson meeting.

In March 2020, Webber was the low bidder on the three-year contract. He bid $7,000 per year. Robert Martin of Livermore Falls bid $17,500 for each of the three years and Sunshine Pools of North Jay bid $19,000 for 2020, $20,000 for 2021 and $21,000 for 2022.

Acorn removal and fall cleanup were among the issues raised at the last board meeting. Other concerns mentioned were cutting down bushes, removing rubbish and mowing around flowers.

“Brett (Deyling, Selectperson) emphasized he would like to see more acorns cleaned up,” Miller said.

Garbage and flowers, things like that could be removed a week after Memorial Day since it gets scattered, he noted.

The next time Webber’s out there, he’ll just take care of it, Deyling said.

“He (Webber) was receptive to doing a little bit better job with the acorns,” he said. “They’ve been there week after week and every time they leave with a pickup truck load. They signed up for it, it’s part of the contract.”

There is some money in the budget for trimming of vegetation, Deyling noted. Webber is on site, it makes sense for him to do it, get ahead of some of that stuff, he added.

Complaints should be brought to the Town Office for documentation, Miller said.

With $14,700 left in the cemetery budget ending June 30, the board also approved $10,127 to remove some trees, 10 stumps and other trimming work at Lakeside Cemetery. Also included in the figure is the leasing of a lift and truck to complete the work.

Tom Smith, owner of Smitty’s Tree Work and Stump in Livermore will do the work. Tree removals needed at Fuller Cemetery will be considered in the new budget year which begins July 1.

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