To the Editor:

Before I start this letter, let me admit that I do not know a lot about this Critical Race Theorythat is reportedly being taught in elementary schools and is apparently in some of the military Academies“, including West Point. What I have read is that students in these schools are taught that white Americans are somehow white supremacists who cannot be trusted to treat people of color fairly

I have also read that all Americans, regardless of skin color or nationality, who are familiar with CRT, are universally opposed to this idea, as it denies the American idealthat all citizens are “created equalWhile there are admittedly pockets of prejudiced Americans who may be racist, there is no evidence that Americans as a people are “systemically racist” I have seen a number of black Americans who will attest to this idea, even though they may have experienced some discrimination themselves. 

There is a well known organization of former black American fighter aircraft pilots called the Tuskegee Airmen who trained and flew in the all black 332nd Fighter Group in WWII. This units assignment was to defend American bomber aircraft from German fighter aircraft during bombing raids in southern Europe. The 332nd Fighter Group established a remarkable record in combat, where the bomb groups they were defending never lost a bomber to German fighter aircraft in combat. This incredible record was achieved even though the Tuskegee airmen were still being exposed to discrimination and segregation even after they returned home after the end of the war! 

This example demonstrates to me the importance of the positive effects of our American Judeo-Christian influence in the formation of our constitutional form of government.

Richard Grover

Mason Twp

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