WILTON —Tuesday Night Mixed Summer League, June 29
Men’s High Game scratch: Mike Crandall 218, Jagger Bullen 202, John Gregoire 182
Mens High Series scratch: Mike Crandall 531, Jagger Bullen 509, Bob Neuschwanger 508
Mens High Game handicap: Jagger Bullen & Mike Crandall 255, John Gregoire 238, Donnie Cubby 217
Mens High Series handicap: Jagger Bullen 668, John Gregoire 659, Mike Crandall 639
Women High Game scratch: Cathy Walton 152, Cleo Barker 151, Muriel Lisherness 148
Women’s High Series scratch: Deb Edgecomb 399 Cathy Walton 397, Becky Gregoire 394
Women High Game handicap: Cleo Barker 234, Cathy Walton 226, Gladys Gregoire 224
Women’s High Series handicap: Gladys Gregoire 631 Cleo Barker 627, Cathy Walton 622

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