DEAR SUN SPOTS: Your response to Doris in Lewistown (July 9 Sun Spots) is one more cabbage roll recipe for me. I love the variations.

My husband’s German mother made “haluptsi” (transliteration of Ukrainian Cerilic) similar to your recipe. She made them for her Ukrainian husband. She added raisins. I had never heard of that.

My Polish mother who made “guwomki” (again translated) used the Dutch oven, but boiled them in stewed tomatoes and served them with tomato sauce with no spices other than salt, pepper and garlic.

My grandmother from “the old country” just boiled her rolls in water to cover, but served them with ketchup because my uncles wouldn’t eat them plain. The content was more like a country sausage and the broth was delicious.

My daughter-in-law from Russia puts fresh dill, fresh cilantro, and sour cream in her “galuptsi” with, again, only a water bath for boiling. The broth is delicious for those, too.

Molly Goldberg’s cookbook calls for honey and cinnamon in her tomato sauce.

All these are wonderful variations on one of the historical “poor foods,” as my mom used to say. Every one of them is delicious. — Lorraine, Buckfield

ANSWER: Thank you for this interesting and thorough response, Lorraine! I really enjoyed it and I know our readers will, too. I can’t wait to try some of these variations to this beautiful, simple dish from the old days.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Oh boy, I remember Wasson’s Grove. (July 9 Sun Spots). They were known for the sautéed onions they made for burgers and hot dogs. Every time we went by there after a Sunday ride it was a must to stop for a burger and sautéed onions. That was in 1956. Over the years I made up my own recipe for the onions and they were delicious. I never gave out my recipe. Everyone missed the place after it closed.  I think you’ll get a lot of feedback from the old-timers because you don’t ever forget a great place to eat. — Irene, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I certainly remember Wasson’s Grove. It had the best hamburgers I ever had.  We always planned to stop there for a meal when coming from Massachusetts to Tacoma Lakes. The turnpike spoiled that. — Betsy, Litchfield

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The  Edward Little High School Class of 1961 will hold its 60-year reunion from noon to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7, at Lost Valley in Auburn. A barbeque is planned. Tickets are $15. Please contact Nancy Mahar at [email protected] for more details. — Nancy, no town

ANSWER: I hope you have a great turnout and please write to me again if you are looking for classmates or need any volunteers for the event.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was given a sewing machine needle by the name of Organ 15×1 90/14 that I use in my Singer sewing machine. It works great, but I cannot find any around here. Can you help me? — No name, no town

ANSWER: CarolAnn’s Sewing Machine Repair in Minot (312-1424) may be able to help you. I also found them online at, guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models 127, 128, 221, 27, 28, 31-15, 66-14, and 66-16. Happy sewing!

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