With respect to the July 11 article regarding Lake Auburn and its allowable uses (“Swimming, more town restrictions all part of debate over Lake Auburn’s future“), nobody will ever convince me that allowing motorboats on Lake Auburn is less evasive than allowing people and dogs to swim in the lake.

Boats leak oil and gas, among other fluids, into the water to keep them running. Not to mention trash thrown over the side of boats when people are out on the lake all day.

I also find it ridiculous that a person cannot go out onto the frozen lake and use a snow kite. There is no contact with the snow, as people are generally wearing winter coats and ski pants. What harm to the lake can there be with this and other similar winter sports?

If people and animals cannot swim in the lake, then it should be closed to all motorboats as well. Either open it up or close it off to all uses other than fishing off its shores.

Alison Jacobs, Auburn

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