To the Editor:

Since I composed the letter for last week’s Bethel Citizen about the “Critical Race Theory,” I changed my mind about the core theme of the American Constitution. The fact is not that “all men are created equal” because no two people are equal in all aspects. Everyone has their own level of intelligence, strength, muscle composition and just about every conceivable variable.

What is the essential intent of our Constitution is not equal physical abilities or social status, but “equal opportunity under the law”! Every American is free to pursue his or her future according to his or her own interests, mental capacity, physical abilities and drive to succeed in whatever endeavor he or she strives to pursue.

A perfect example is that of the now known and respected Doctor Benjamin Carson. Dr. Carson grew up in the slums of Detroit, Michigan as the son of a single mom who was able to provide only the minimal essential necessities of life in the slums. What she did give her boys was lots of love and encouragement to work hard and achieve their own goals.

Ben Carson overcame dyslexia and learned to read  with good comprehension, worked hard and became a renown brain surgeon who was able to successfully separate Siamese twins who were joined at the head.

A black man, Dr. Carson went on to become the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President Donald Trump. Dr. Carson was successful, not because he was part of the successful “white supremacist class” but because he was free to pursue his own goals.

Richard Grover

Mason Township

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