La Ferme donated lunch to artists working on the Bethel Mural project. Beth Walker photo

BETHEL — Once upon a time, Beth Walker was a child growing up on a farm, helping her grandmother with the weeds in the garden. She saw how happy everyone was when they got together to eat. She decided that one day, she would have her own farm-to-table restaurant of sorts, where people could eat together and build happy memories associated with food.

And so it came to be. La Ferme was born out of the pandemic.

“It’s always been a dream to have what we have now,” Walker says enthusiastically, gesturing around her with her tattooed right arm, adorned with lupines.

When the pandemic hit, Walker and her husband decided to take action. Rolling up their sleeves, the magic began in the kitchen. The two working relentlessly, waking up at 11 p.m. and working through morning, then walking through the garden at five a.m. before they began picking herbs, pulling out the weeds, and labeling all the food.

They wanted to create an ethereal vibe at La Ferme, where everyone could have an experience, and not have to worry about any rules.

(La Ferme is French for “The Farm.” Walker is of French descent, and wanted something catchy people could say quickly.)


As for the location, Walker’s husband and dad built a huge porch in the back, big enough for a five-piece quartet to sit and play on the right, as well as for the duo to bake pizza and grill on the left.

During their recent “Hollow Turtle and Tacos” outside, they set up a huge tent in the backyard and lit a bonfire. The quartet  — friends from Rhode Island — played bluegrass music and they served their hand-crafted food. Their best sellers are Mexican street corn salad, hummus, and chicken salad. However, the menu changes every week.

At the moment, they are building a commercial kitchen in addition to their own kitchen. With this, they’ll have more space, with a walk-in refrigerator and a six-burner stove. They’ll then be eligible for their own beer and wine licenses so they’ll be able to serve liquor.

Coming up on July 26, they will be host a Food on the Farm night, including live music alongside their fresh, home grown food.

What does Walker have in mind for the future? An orchard lining her pathway and around the backyard. She sees a greenhouse next to the farm. She sees the family as self-sufficient.

With horses in the distance, chickens clucking about, and the fresh food neatly packed in the porch decorated with stringed lights and a sleigh bell, the orchard, greenhouse, and La Ferme running solo only makes it that much more magical.

La Ferme is located at 104 Skillings Road in Bethel. For more information, go to


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