When I recently went online to find out how many Democrats vs. Republicans have had the COVID vaccine, a recent poll showed that 86% of Democrats and 45% of Republicans were vaccinated.

Many reasons for this disparity have been given, but I do not want to waste my limited amount of space with a review of the reasons. What I do what to say to this group of possibly misinformed, science-doubting people is this: They may kill themselves, those they love and others if they remain unvaccinated.

The rest of us Americans are fighting a war against COVID, and they are standing by allowing the enemy to continue to kill us. What is wrong with them? Even their political pope, The Donald, has been vaccinated. The rest of them are traitors who refuse to fight.

They don’t need guns, tanks, knives, fists or any other weapon. Just roll up their sleeve and get vaccinated before COVID and the Delta variant wipe them out.

Richard Charloff, Auburn

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