In his July 20 rebuttal to Cal Thomas’s July 11 column decrying the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to hear a second appeal from a florist who had refused to serve a soon-to-be-married gay couple, Christian minister Marc Greenwood disdained his “pity party for Christianity,” prompted as it was by his conviction that America was founded as a Christian nation and should therefore uphold Christian standards.

Greenwood has news for Thomas: America wasn’t founded as a Christian nation. “Authentic Christianity requires courage,” Greenwood countered — meaning that Christians in similar situations should boldly protest and accept whatever penalties are imposed on them, rejoicing in the knowledge that they’re suffering for their savior.

Greenwood gave several examples of famous Christians whose consciences compelled them to oppose the establishment, including Protestantism’s prime mover, Martin Luther, who defied the Catholic Church by refusing to repudiate his teachings because his conscience was “captive to the Word of God.”

Sweet.  Except that when fellow reformers — who were just as adamant their consciences were captive to it — defied him on doctrinal grounds, he would rail against them like a pope gone mad.

Enter the proliferation of Christianities in their thousands.

Gays have suffered, too, having to keep their mouths shut and their love hidden for centuries. And their consciences have likewise emboldened them to defy the establishment.

I’d wager that if Thomas and Greenwood were gay, they wouldn’t be wasting their breath trying to “pray the gay away,” which just doesn’t work. Trust me.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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