100 Years Ago: 1921

Lightning struck the Field’s place, about 3 miles out on the North River Road, Auburn. The bolt hit the barn, set it afire and communicated the fire to the house. Everything was burned. The place was unoccupied, except for a caretaker. The lightning bolt did terrific damage to the barn, tearing apart solid wooden beams as if they had been made of paperboard and wrecking the place within a few moments. Within a very few minutes the flames had spread with startling rapidity and the whole place was ablaze. Word was sent to the Auburn fire department, and a truck was sent out but the buildings were far beyond reach of the nearest hydrant, and the chance of saving them was very slim. The fire was burning when the Lewiston Journal went to press—and, altho miles away, could plainly be seen from many parts of the city. Many telephone lines were put out of commission, altho no figures could be given by the telephone exchange. Practically everyone’s phone on the North River Road, in the direction of the fire went dead—as those who tried to get information concerning the fire quickly discovered.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Mrs. Lois Camire has been named chairman of the half-time program being planned for Edward Little High School’s homecoming day on September 25. Commenting upon her plans she emphasized that this year’s program is not and must not be restricted to just the younger alumni. We need volunteers from all age groups, provided everyone will take an active part in the alumni
association’s scholarship effort.”  She asked that — anyone interested in taking part contact her or Mrs. Janet Howard Gibson. Ralph Noel is homecoming chairman.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Story Time will be held today and every Tuesday from 10 to 10:30 am at Open Hearts Open Minds located at Center Court at the Auburn Mall. Story teller will be Cathie Klemanski, who has a bachelor of arts degree in social and behavioral science with a minor in education. Guest reader Tuesday will be Chantal Royer, a senior at Assumption College in Worcester, Mass., majoring in psychology with a minor in social rehabilitation. The story times are free to the public and offer a variety of themes recommended for children 3 1/2 to 8 years old. Parental participation is encouraged.

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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