To the Editor:

This is a personal opinion, not that of Norway Community First Group. I’m a resident of Norway, A Realtor with a background in accounting, business owner for over 35 years.

A local landscaper saw an opportunity to expand his business. He purchased two lots on the lake and went under agreement. He’purchased the two adjacent lots. Combined, the property is over six acres. You’ve probably driven by the ‘For Sale’ sign for years. It’s near the bridge on Route 117/118. As a Realtor, I could see why there would be trouble finding a buyer. The two lots are lakefront property but next to the highway. On the right: historic downtown center, left: old manufacturing barn, which was being used as storage.

The two lots have potential as residential, waterfront rental investment properties, and in my opinion would be the best use of that space. If those homes are built for that location and the project next door isn’t too noisy, everyone benefits. The town property tax revenue $8,000 to $11,000 annually, each! Owner: Short term income average is 10-15% of the property value; State lodging tax 9%. Tourists spend money in local area restaurants and shops, and there is less wear and tear on town services and the property.

If you want more information or the preliminary plan proposed at the June 10, Planning Board meeting: See or join [email protected] Town meetings are now in-person only. See for the meeting schedule. Please attend.

Linda Corapi


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