This week I heard a commentator on a news network say, “If you’re not vaccinated, go to a mirror to see an image of the only person you care about.”

It was striking, but I don’t believe it’s true. I think there are unvaccinated people who simply have health-related issues, or a crisis-fear of needles, causing understandable hesitation. Others may have religious objections.

Yet I believe it is true that the majority of the unvaccinated are trapped by social media misinformation, or unyielding philosophies, and they are the ones who can turn this pandemic around.

Now even some formerly hesitant political leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell are spending their own money to address this reluctance among their followers.

Because, daily, there are reports of unvaccinated, hospitalized COVID patients (who make up 98% of the hospitalized and ICU patients right now, and nearly every death – 98% – doesn’t this speak volumes to us?) who are admitting their poor choice with statements like: “This is not a hoax, like I thought it was.” “I wish I’d gotten the vaccine, rather than going through this, but I’m told it’s too late for that.” “I almost died, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone — everyone should get vaccinated.”

There are many similar stories. In light of the above and because children now, too, are increasingly dying, we should all consider our part in stopping this reaper that is not going away, and keeps reinventing itself towards further diminishment of our lives with evermore contagious designs.

Paul Baribault, Lewiston

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