WATERFORD — The position for emergency management went to resident Sharon Murch with a unanimous vote by selectmen at the July 28 Waterford Board of Selectmen meeting. The position requires attendance at four select board meetings per year. Murch will receive an as yet to be determined stipend.

Deputy Town Clerk Betty Becker noted that there were openings in official positions that needed to be filled in on paper: Sharon Murch,appointed Waterford EMA Director; John Bell,Webmaster; Randy Lessard, Health Officer; Timothy Sawyer, Tree Warden, and Todd Sawyer, Road Commissioner/Public Works Director. Some of these are three-year terms; some are for one year.

Two citizens who walk on Rice Road regularly, spoke about the massive trash heap at a house they pass, which stinks, they said, and is attracting animals. They felt it has become a health issue and they thought selectmen would be responsible for figuring out how to resolve the problem.

They also asked about a flag in the center of town which was tattered due to getting hung up in the nearby tree. Selectman Todd Sawyer noted that that particular tree was due to be removed because it was dead anyway and the flag will be replaced once the dead tree is removed.

Selectmen decided to continue with the current company for maintenance of the pump at the Sandlot. This company, in cooperation with the town, will have to replace the pump because the inlet/outlet piping got hot and melted when the pump failed.

ABC Rubbish has informed the town that there will soon be a fee per discarded mattress that will be passed on to taxpayers in some form. Selectmen agreed that the town should collect information for the rest of the year before passing on this cost.

Resident Steven Pike has approached the town about a land gift to the town. The land is near the dam and amounts to two-tenths of an acre, some of which borders the stream. Selectmen discussed the pros and cons of this, and decided they wanted to take time to look at the property before deciding to accept it as donation.

Mill Hill will be tentatively closed to through traffic during the week of August 16, depending on timely delivery of materials and the weather.


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