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PHILLIPS – The many volunteers and contributors involved in this tremendous community project to honor the lives of Michaela Morgan and Thomas Deckard-Madore invite one and all to attend “Dedication Day” at the newly completed M & T Memorial Basketball Court at North Franklin Park on Park Street in Phillips on Saturday, August 14 at 4:00 pm.

Brenda Wilcox, committee member, announced, “There will be light refreshments, lots of new basketballs to shoot, and lots of hope and healing as we dedicate this court to our kiddos, the community, and our lost loved ones, Michaela and Thomas.”

“Come celebrate this wonderful accomplishment, shoot some hoops, and help us heal,” she added.

The following statement was written by Brenda Wilcox on August 2… “On February 1, 2021, our community suffered a terrible and tragic loss. Two local students from Mt. Abram Regional High School were involved in a fatal car accident coming home from an outing in Rangeley. It was a terrible day for so many. Family, friends and members of the community were in mourning and shock.

A group of locals gathered in mid-March to see if there was something we could organize to honor these young lives lost. Both students were athletes who excelled in basketball. The choice was obvious. Our group would start a fundraiser to build a big, beautiful Memorial Basketball Park in Phillips at North Franklin Park. A Facebook page was established, and things took off. Our group started with an online bake sale and also took monetary donations from many organizations, private business, individual people, school student councils, and on and on… So many generous people who just wanted to help in any way they could.

The work on the court began in early spring with a groundbreaking by a local generous soul who wished for no recognition. He was doing this for his girl Michaela and Thomas, as well. It was not long before more local contractors and individuals offered their help. E. L. Vining and Son’s, Pikes’, King’s Paving, Elliot’s, and many more people stepped up to help.

The new regulation-sized court now has been hot topped. We have top of the line basketball poles, backboards, and nets, along with two shorter poles for the younger players. A new Memorial sign will be installed shortly, and we also have regulation line painters hopefully coming soon from Vermont to paint the official lines on the court.

After the lines are done, we have a local young lady who will paint the Michaela Morgan/Thomas Deckard-Madore logo in the center of the court as it was she who designed this logo after the accident. It has been seen on many tee-shirts and emblems around our communities.

In the spring we hope to build a gazebo beside the court for families to sit under and enjoy the court. So, with the many hands and monetary support, the court has come to life and these young lives that we lost so tragically will live on in our community.

Next year when we celebrate Phillips Old Home Days, we hope to add the 1st Annual M & T Memorial Hot Shot Contest.”

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