Elliot Epstein’s column (“When are just rewards just to be expected?,” Aug. 1) cited another incident of GOP hypocrisy in regard to COVID-19.

Maine Rep. Chris Johansen, R-Monticello, an anti masker and anti vaxxer, came down with COVID-19 and was hospitalized. Such hypocrisy is not limited to Johansen; Paul LePage opposed Medicaid expansion, which would have provided health insurance to thousands of Mainers, and yet he and his wife reportedly both had tummy tucks courtesy of the state’s taxpayers.

Under Trump, the U.S. had the world worst response death-wise to the pandemic, with over 600,000 deaths.

It seems pretty clear which party offers the most efficient and compassionate way forward for our state and country. Maine’s rainy day fund is currently at a record high level under Gov. Janet Mills’ leadership.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

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