Please feel free to donate to our new piggy bank at the front desk – just look for Grogu (Baby Yoda). Submitted photo

FARMINGTON — The Farmington Public Library is now fine-free following a unanimous vote at the August 12th board meeting. The library will no longer be charging late fines for overdue items. There has been a growing trend over the last few years of libraries eliminating overdue fines, and the Farmington Public Library is happy to join the ranks of other fine-free libraries.

Studies have shown that overdue fines are not very effective in encouraging people to return their books to the library. In fact, they can often act as a deterrent to using the library. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at the library, and it is much more important to us to encourage people to use our services and not avoid us because of fines.

The library will still bill for lost or damaged items, but we want everyone to know that we are very willing to work out an alternative plan for payment if the cost will cause a financial hardship. We are very happy to be accommodating as long as you communicate with us about your needs.

So if you have any library books laying around your house that you haven’t returned because you didn’t want to deal with late fines, bring them back and your full borrowing privileges will be restored! Our hope in going fine-free is that patrons who have not been to the library in a while will come back and start using our services again. And for those who didn’t mind supporting the library with your spare change after keeping your books a little late, feel free to donate to our new piggy bank at the front desk – just look for Grogu (Baby Yoda)!

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