Paul Spencer’s letter (“Setting the tone for abysmal future,” Aug. 20) was aptly titled.

However, his letter is really about propaganda warfare. Encyclopedia Britannica defines propaganda as “dissemination of information — facts, arguments, rumors, half-truths, or lies — to influence public opinion,” with an emphasis on manipulation.

Sadly, the battle is being fought, not against an enemy nation, but against an enemy party, the Democrats.

A minority of the Republican Party is willing, without thought, to follow their leader, like lemmings, to create a disaster for us all.

Trump’s attempt to become the master of the “Big Lie” like his mentor, Russia’s Putin, may have failed, but many of Trump’s followers still drink the Kool-Aid.

Spencer is carelessly using propaganda that could cause grief and disaster in the country most of us love and want our children to be raised in to be better educated citizens.

Does Spencer recommend educating children to follow, blindly, a leader who not only cares for nobody but himself, but has clearly shown this is true?

Does the public remember the attack on Congress that Trump incited, to cancel votes for Democratic President Biden and allow Trump to become “king” for life?

Where a mob shouted, “hang Pence” and “kill Pelosi” as they breached Congress, terrorizing many and killing one, after Trump said march on Congress and “fight like hell.

It is all on video. “God’s will,” and who can dispute that?

John Wade, Lewiston

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