DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m wondering if there are any service stations in the L-A area that sell “ethanol-free” gasoline?  There is a Shell station in Winthrop that has it and we buy it from there for small engine fuel. — No name, no town

ANSWER: To answer this question, I went to and found all the gas stations not only in the state, but throughout the entire country and Canada that have an updated listing noting that they provide ethanol-free gas, including the price per gallon.

I’ll give you a list of the places in our readership area: In Farmington, Citgo station at 254 Wilton Road and Madore’s Market at 103 Temple Road. In Litchfield, Gowell’s Shop & Save at 511 Richmond Road. In Norway, Norway Lake Marina at 295 Lake Road. In Peru, Blaisdell’s Variety at 9 North Main St. In Phillips, Edmund’s Market at 1185 Rangeley Road. In Rumford, Community Quik Stop at 876 US Route 2. In South Paris, The Big Apple-Citgo Store at 102 Main St. In Turner, Twitchell’s Airport & Seaplane at 40 Airport Road. In Weld, Mt. Blue Garage at 11 Center Hill Road.

Readers, if you know of a station that sells ethanol-free gas and is in Lewiston or Auburn or closer than Litchfield or Turner, please write in!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: While taking a walk on my new route, I came across a political sign that was nailed to a post that is owned by the city. According to the City of Lewiston Code of Ordinances Chapter 6, “posting on public property is restricted,”

My question is, who is responsible for enforcing these ordinances and for removing these signs? I’m just curious. By the way, I love your column. — No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Here is the ordinance our reader is referring to: Sec. 6-4. “Posting on public property restricted. No person shall attach, place, paint, write, stamp, paste or otherwise affix any sign, advertisement, notice or other matter upon any kind of pole, post or tree in the streets of the city; or on any fire hydrant or on any bridge, pavement, sidewalk or crosswalk, or on any building or any property or thing belonging to the city or located in the public streets or public places, except that suitable painted signs may be hung on poles, posts and trees, and advertisements and notices may be posted on public buildings with the consent of the council.”

This subject is addressed further in Sec. 6-7: “Campaign material excluded. The distribution of campaign material shall be excluded from the prohibitions in this section. Campaign material shall be defined as literature and other materials expressing the support or defeat of a candidate, referendum question, bond issue or other ballot question as appearing on all ballots for an immediate upcoming election.”

I spoke with Lewiston’s director of planning and code enforcement, David Hediger. He is the person to contact with these concerns at 513-3000, ext. 3222 or [email protected]

Furthermore, if campaign signs are placed in the right of way on state and state aid highways beyond the restrictions and limitations, Maine Department of Transportation is in charge of that. The person to contact is MDOT’s legislative liaison, Meghan Russo, at [email protected]

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