(The following end portion of the article “Rangeley Selectmen Updated on Fire, Ambulance and Geese” was mistakenly omitted from previous August 20th issue due to foggy head of editor)

Carolyn Schwable, representing the Loon Lake Association, wrote a letter and was present to forward her concerns about the expansion of ice fishing onto Loon Lake as proposed by Maine IF & W.  One of her main concerns is that ice fishing bait can result in the introduction of invasive species into the Rangeley region watershed.  These invasive species could have a severe negative consequence on the native fish populations that help make this area special.  The public comment period has closed but the IF & W Advisory Council will be discussing and voting on the final rule proposal at their September meeting.

The Selectmen have scheduled a Public Hearing on September 20th prior to their 6:00pm Board meeting to determine if the structure located at 124 Carry Road in Oquossoc should be classified as a Dangerous Building.

On a lighter note, the Selectmen agreed to accept the donation of a large (6’ wide by 7’ high) Adirondack chair to be located in the Oquossoc Town Park.  The chair was handcrafted by Ken and John Astor and was donated to the Rangeley Health and Wellness Center for their annual auction.  The donors, Sara and Matt Higgins, Dan and Debbie Higgins, Laura and Paul Reynolds, Pat and Patti Butler, Ellen and Bill Oppenheimer and Jim and Debbie Higgins offered to assume responsibility for the chair’s maintenance.  The donors hope that visitors and residents will enjoy the chair for many years to come.

The Selectmen voted to reschedule their next meeting from Monday, September 6, 2021 which is Labor Day to Tuesday, September 7th at 6:00pm.

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