DEAR SUN SPOTS: You’ve been so helpful in the past, I hope you can succeed this time! I have a 5-foot cast iron, claw-footed tub in really good condition that I would be willing to give to anyone who can pick it up.  It’s on the first floor.  Please call 783-9358. — Jan, Auburn

ANSWER: Ooh! This item could be used in so many creative ways. An outdoor soaking tub, a garden feature, a receptacle to ice down your favorite beverages at your next gathering, or a piece of unique furniture. What a steal! Let us know what happens, Jan!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Broadview Memorial Cemetery Association will hold its semiannual meeting at 6 p.m. Sept. 15 at the cemetery, 379 East Ave. in Lewiston. All lot owners are invited to attend. The meeting will be held outdoors. Please dress accordingly and bring a chair. On the agenda will be a progress report on the work that is being done at the cemetery. The rain date will be the following day. For questions, please call 783-6839. — Joe, Lewiston

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What is happening to the athletic field on Stevens Mills Road in Auburn? Work seems to have stopped completely this summer. Will it continue or have plans changed for the completion of the field? — Louise, Auburn

ANSWER: The project got off to a fast start optically when the timber harvester came in to clear the land. Those in charge of the project are working through the permitting process with the city and the engineers from Jones and Associates are working on furthering plans for Planning Board review. Once all the permitting is complete, the National Guard will be able to assist in leveling the land. Those are the immediate next steps. Stay tuned and be patient. I’m sure there will be updates as they happen.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Since you are good at finding resources for people looking for help, do you have anyone in your Rolodex who does ceramics? I’m looking for someone in Lewiston, Auburn, Lisbon or nearby. — No name, no town

ANSWER: Readers, I need your help on this one. If you know of a resource for the Rolodex, please write in ASAP!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m in my 70s and work with the public. I’ve noticed more and more boys and young men with their nails polished. Some use different colors and some use black. I’m just curious and wonder if it signifies anything special. — Elaine, no town

ANSWER: I know boys who paint their nails just because they like the way it looks. It has been a trend for a while and seems to be gaining even more traction. Several celebrities have done or are currently doing it. Johnny Depp, Dennis Rodman, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Kurt Cobain come to mind. It’s just a way for people to express themselves, accessorize, and simply to be more artful. Really, when you think about it, your fingernails and toenails do present an opportunity to be a blank canvas just waiting to be beautified with multiple colors and mini portraits. I also read that way back in olden times, men having their nails painted was a way to show their status in society.

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