I have attended most of the “medical freedom” demonstrations and rallies statewide and have found a high level of professionalism, frustration, fear and dedication to personal freedom and liberty.

Maine’s Bicentennial Parade in Lewiston/Auburn marked the first time Gov. Janet Mills made herself available to the affected public since the Legislature granted her this government overreach of power. There were hundreds of passionate citizens expressing their displeasure of the governor’s vaccine mandate. I was proud to see these freethinking heroes standing up together on the Longley Bridge.

I read that a few demonstrators shouted obscenities at Gov. Mills, to which she blew kisses, as her parade float made its way over the bridge. The actions of some in the crowd and those of the governor were condescending and totally unproductive.

For over a year, those who have dealt with this virus daily have been revered and called heroes by the ruling class. Now, those whose livelihoods are under attack are watching as “The Ruler” turns their world upside down.

I’ve been in and out of politics for 30 years and am a former state House representative. I’ve always maintained that service providers have the solutions to every issue — if politicians would only ask. These professional health care heroes were not asked to get vaccinated. They were told to get vaccinated. Something that some of them don’t want to do.

Gov. Mills has poked the Mama Bear. It’s time she reversed the mandate and let these valiant knowledgeable professionals do their jobs.

Hon. Dick Campbell, Orrington

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