GREENWOOD — The issue  of broadband was brought up again at the Tuesday Greenwood Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Mia Purcell, the Broadband Committee representative handed out maps that were color-coded which Selectman Norman Millard found not to be comprehensive. He asked to see more precise maps or precise speed tests. The representative said the map indicates who has fiber, who has cable, and who has DSL, to which Millard responded that most people already know what they have.

Purcell continued by asking if they wanted universal service for everyone. The selectman all agreed they did, so it would be equal for all, and no one would be taking service from anyone else. They agreed upon hybrid service for now, and for someone else to own the equipment other than Greenwood. They also agreed it would be a good idea to collaborate with the surrounding towns with regard to broadband.

In other business, Greenwood resident Bill Bickford asked about sending letters to the planning board at the Tuesday Greenwood Board of Selectmen meeting. He said the planning board strongly encouraged people to write a letter first in order to have their case reviewed and to begin the process.

However, Bickford’s letter was not responded too. More so, he said, there is no time limit for when the planning board has to respond to the letters. He said in lot 3 and lot 6 and 7, water builds up and will eventually erode and rip apart the trees. When asked if he contacted the Lake Board, he said his wife was a member and he had contacted them. No resolution was reached as selectman couldn’t speak on behalf of the Planning Board.


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