We’re in the midst of a tyrannical hurricane, the likes of which have never been witnessed — and its winds pose an existential threat to the lofty ideals to which we once faithfully cleaved.

Those monolithic, sacrosanct ideals were the foundation upon which our constitutional republic was built. We believed the composition of those foundational stones were of granite; but in truth, we’re learning the footings upon which our society was built were of sedimentary rock — lacking the unyielding strength of granite.

The seeds of autocracy were sown decades ago — and our children and grandchildren will reap the harvest of our complacency, along with the division birthed from it. We’re so entrenched in our respective positions that we oft forget to question the why behind the how and the what.

If we don’t change course, and soon, we’ll arrive at a dystopian destination in which we never intended to sojourn. Once we find ourselves there, it will be nearly impossible to find our way back from whence we departed.

The din of our quarreling deafens us to the much softer voices of reason: our haughtiness and hubris drowns out the tenuous inner voice of critical thought.

Mark 3:25 (or Abraham Lincoln for the secular reader) contains unequivocal truth: “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” The division pervading our culture will cause our society to collapse.

And while the structural integrity of that house continues to be compromised, our “leaders” continue to capitalize on our mutually shared destruction.

Michael Mayberry, South Paris

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