I’m a 60-year citizen of Auburn disgusted with the conduct of Auburn Councilor Leroy Walker, based on the disturbing headline and story published in the Sun Journal Sept. 9 (“Racist comments from Auburn city councilor tarnish agreement to name footbridge after John Jenkins“).

Let me begin by stating that Walker represents the community at large, not just his immediate constituency.

His illogical, racially-tinged blather equating honoring the late John Jenkins with the conduct of “dark colored people” and meteorological conditions in Alabama “and them areas” — how are these in any way associated?”

The color of Jenkins’ skin has nothing . . . nothing to do with anything.

Bearing Dr. Martin Luther King’s reference to content of character, I’m assured that the character of Jenkins would forgive this inarticulate, uninformed, ignorant diatribe from his former “friend.” Does or will Walker recognize the dark spot that he has ungraciously bestowed on our — not his and his ilk’s — community?

Discretion is the better part of valor; Walker has neither. He has no business representing this community.

That being said, I encourage all citizens of both Lewiston and Auburn to move forward from one person’s misgivings and celebrate the virtues of another. It will be healing and rewarding to celebrate John Jenkins. Remember his good nature, big smile and belly laugh — he would like that.

Austin Conrad Jr., Auburn

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