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Sun Journal sports editor Lee Horton.

LEE HORTON: Mt. Blue’s Week 2 game was postponed due to field conditions, then canceled due to COVID-19. Poland, which opened the season with a bye, had last week’s game canceled and then this Friday’s game against Madison/Carrabec/Valley was canceled but the Knights were fortunate to quickly schedule a game against Belfast. Lisbon’s game last week was nixed, and it has only played once this season. Leavitt has had two games called off, and Friday’s game at Wells will be the Hornets’ season opener. Am I missing any cancellations involving area teams? There have been so many, and they have become so commonplace, that it’s hard to remember them all. I’m certain there will be more. And this is happening throughout the state. The games that have been played have rarely been close — which actually happens often in Maine high school football, but isn’t this common. Anyway, I’m starting to wonder if this will be end up being another lost season for a lot of teams throughout the state, and that the blowouts will continue and perhaps be even worse. I’m not saying it will be for the teams in our coverage area that I mention above — though Mt. Blue coach Scott Fanzose did bring up the idea of finishing the season with a JV schedule earlier this week. For instance, I think no matter how many games Leavitt has canceled, it will have something to play for unless the situation gets so bad that the Hornets don’t make the postseason, which seems impossible. So … are we headed for doom?

Sun Journal sports reporter Adam Robinson

ADAM ROBINSON: I don’t think we are headed for doom, but it’s not great. Mt. Blue has gotten hit from all angles, from a wet field to COVID-19 cases canceling an already postponed game — and that’s just unlucky. It’s awesome that Belfast wanted to take a game against Poland, because that’s not a short trip and it’s a class down. Leavitt coach Mike Hathaway told me the Crabtree points shouldn’t be an issue with two missed games if they win, but anything can happen. People don’t want to hear it, but vaccinated players would do a lot to fix this ongoing quarantine problem that is canceling games.

HORTON: Yeah, it’s become a little difficult to believe that a portion — and possibly a large portion — of last year’s Let Them Play movement actually had nothing to do with the kids being able to play. I think Leavitt will be fine as things are now. And if they rack up 3-4 wins, the Hornets will probably be fine even if a few more of their games are canceled while the rest of C South is fairly lucky. Most, if not all, teams in each region make the playoffs, so the postseason is almost as open as it is in other sports this fall. But, who knows? Who freaking knows, you know? Anyway, which week of the season do you think the majority of teams will catch up to their potential to the point that the amount of blowouts will significantly decrease.

ROBINSON: Well, I think Class A is about to get really good. Oxford Hills has Skowhegan this week and then has Bonny Eagle at home on Sept. 24 in what is shaping up to have Game of the Year potential. The Scots just took down Scarborough 20-7 while Thornton Academy joined Bonny Eagle and Oxford Hills at 2-0. There is a run of games that provide that top-four group the chance to jockey for position. I think in a couple weeks more teams will have some games under their belts and by Week 5 or 6 we should be able to see who is for real and who is not. Leavitt gets started with an always-tough Wells opponent, and the Hornets came into this season with lofty expectations. Then, in Class D, we are seeing that Foxcroft and Winthrop/Monmouth/Hall-Dale are rising to the top of the league, but Bucksport has only played once, on the road, and Freeport is 2-0. Then, in eight-man football, there’s Telstar, who just hasn’t stopped scoring.

HORTON: Week 5 or 6 sounds about right, but sooner is even better. As fun as playing sports is, consistent blowouts can be demoralizing, and I really, really, really, really want the kids to have fun and enjoy this season.

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