Yellow floating heart from Lake Stewards of Maine

Western Maine Audubon will be presenting the first of its fall talk series on Wednesday, September 8 at 7 pm. “What You Should Know About the Threat of Aquatic Invaders in Maine,” will be presented by Roberta Hill, Invasive Species Program Director for Lake Stewards of Maine. In this talk, Roberta will address the following questions and more: What makes an organism invasive? What threats do invasive organisms pose to Maine’s native ecosystems? How do invasive aquatic species impact humans? What are the drivers behind introduction of invaders to Maine and the vectors exacerbating their spread within the state? What are some of the invasive species we are most concerned about here in Maine? What is Maine doing to address these concerns? Importantly, what can WE all do to help?

Due to ever-changing Covid protocols, it is still uncertain whether this talk will be held in person or as a live webinar. Please consult Western Maine Audubon’s webpage ( close to the time of the talk for more information.

Roberta is an aquatic ecologist and environmental educator who has been active in the field of lake protection and community outreach in Maine for thirty years. She has been instrumental in the creation and development of some of Maine’s most successful and long-standing lake education programs. Currently the Invasive Species Program Director for Lake Stewards of Maine, Roberta is the originator and coordinator of LSM’s internationally recognized Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP) program, through which over 5,000 individuals (volunteers, professionals, agency personnel, students, teachers, and others) have been trained to screen Maine waterbodies for the presence of invasive aquatic plants and animals. Roberta is the principal author of Maine Field Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants, co-author of Citizens’ Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plant Management, and principal content developer for Maine Field Guide to Aquatic Phenomena (available both online and as a downloadable smartphone application).

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