NO. LIVERMORE — At the North Livermore Baptist Church Sept. 19 service, the congregation was welcomed by Pastor Bonnie Higgins at 9:30 a.m. to begin the service. The Call to Worship was read and the Invocation/Lord’s Prayer was recited. The hymns that were sung was “Come, Thou Almighty King”, “Footsteps of Jesus”, “Our God Reigns”. The service was concluded with the congregation singing “Go Now in Peace”.  Linda Lyman is the organist and Janet Diaz is the pianist each week. Lew Lyman leads the music for the congregation each week.

The sermon, titled “Jesus Is…”, and reading the scripture from Hebrews 13:20-21.  Pastor Bonnie began the sermon speaking about how we memorized Bible verses when we were younger in Sunday School or in Vacation Bible School.  Even as adults, we still memorize scripture when we find one that we can relate to.  But there are some scriptures that are overlooked and not memorized.  Hebrews 13:20-21 are two verses that should be memorized, to understand God and what He has done for us through Jesus Christ.  These two verses can help us to remember what God did for us through and why we should put our trust in Him.

Pastor Bonnie read the beginning of verse 20, where we are reminded of that God is a God of peace. No matter what is going on in this world, God is peace and we should look towards Him to find peace in our own lives. Many times, we look for peace in this world, and we never find true peace, since this world is ever changing.  God never changes and His peace is always there when we call upon Him.  We serve a God of peace, not of chaos.  Also in verse 20, we see the power God has. Through Jesus Christ, God has the power over death. Pastor Bonnie told the congregations that many Christians search for God’s power through their lives not realizing they already have it when they accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  Also, in verse 20, we find that God is a God of provision.  God provides everything we need in His son Jesus.  Jesus is called the great Shepherd and He sacrificed His life for us on the cross.  In the blood that was shed, was a new covenant with God’s people and God.  It created a new relationship between us and God and we were assured an eternity with Him.

Pastor Bonnie explained in verse 21, that God is a God of purpose.  It is a reminder that we need God to equip us to do His work here on earth and we need God to do it.  We will fail if God does not equip us with all that we need to carry out His mission.  As long as we are living, God will equip His people to do the work laid out for us through Jesus. All our works should be done in His vision and not ours.  We are placed on this earth to please God and not ourselves.

In these two verses, God is telling us that He is there for us all the time and we should do everything we can in our lives to please and serve Him.  The ending of verse 21, states the we should be praising, adoring, and worshipping God in all aspects of our lives.  If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, you should be thanking God for your eternal life for the rest of your earthly life.  When we get to Heaven, we will all be rejoicing and praising God!

Announcements listed in the bulletin was that the congregation will be collecting Canned Pasta for the Food Pantry in the month of September.  Our fall programs will begin October 3rd more information to come. Pastor Bonnie will be on vacation from September 26th – October 2nd. There will be no office hours during that week she is on vacation.   We are collecting for the World Mission Offering for the month of September. The AA meetings are held on Friday nights at the church.

For information, check out our website at You can email the church at [email protected] Pastor Bonnie’s office hours are Monday and Tuesday’s from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

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