Anne Holloway greets attendees at The Weld Public Library’s late summer reception Saturday, Sept. 18. She later announced Peter Schofield had left the library $203,041. Submitted photo

WELD — Weld Public Library held a late summer reception Saturday, Sept. 18, where it was announced Peter Schofield left the library $203,041.

The outside-only gathering of Schofield’s family, friends, library board members and patrons was welcomed by Anne Holloway, the library’s board of trustees president. The reception was catered by Salt & Pepper and the Wilton Wine Merchants.

The library is so incredibly grateful for his gift, Holloway said.

Details of Schofield’s life were shared by his brother, Paul Schofield.

Peter Schofield was born in Rumford, a son of Stanley and Nadine Scholfield. The family lived in what is known as the Edmund and Romaine Hutchinson place on Route 156. He graduated from Dixfield High School then after serving in the Navy obtained a degree in business from Kent State. He immediately joined Bridgestone Firestone Co., retiring after 35 years. He died last September at 84.

“With humor and affection, Coval Conant spoke about his childhood escapades with Peter,” Nancy Stowell, library board treasurer wrote in an email.

At a Weld Public Library reception Saturday, Sept. 18, H. Coval Conant tells of escapades he and neighbor Peter Schofield got into as children. It was later announced Schofield had left the library $203,041. Submitted photo

“Peter used a chicken house for a camp in back of his home,” Conant said in a phone interview. “I was 10 or 12 at the time. I had a sink that went into the camp, it was large, made a good one. We got into a scuffle, don’t remember why and I took the sink. We spoke of the sink whenever we got together.”

Paul Schofield talks about his brother, Peter Schofield’s connections to Weld at the Weld Public Library Saturday, Sept. 18. It was later announced Peter, who died a year ago left the library $203,041. Submitted photo

“The Peter Schofield bequest gives the library the flexibility to create new programs and events for children and adults,” Stowell wrote. “It will allow the library to expand the hours it is open to the public and in other ways maximize the use of this wonderful facility.”

In August, Weld Historical Society President Sean Minear announced Schofield had left the society $812,162. The interest will be used to complete the 1 School Street project, provide scholarships and assist town departments and organizations.

“Peter’s gifts to the library and the Weld Historical Society will energize the village and keep it looking attractive to all who pass by,” Stowell noted.


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