DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have some film negatives of my father while he served in the Army during World War II. Do you know if these negatives can still be developed into photos and if so, where could I take them? — No name, no town

ANSWER: Photo Finish at the Auburn Mall (across from Claire’s at Suite #9007), can help you. Go to where there is an email form and someone will get back to you or call 783-3354. They love to help people preserve their memories.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Sunday, Sept. 12, I lost my cane in the parking lot at Walmart. When I went back to look for it, I found it leaning on someone’s car door. I want to thank the person who picked it up. — Jackie, no town

ANSWER: We have had a run on lost canes lately. This is a good time to remind everyone to be “awake and aware” of your surroundings and of others. If you find something or lose something, write to Sun Spots!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to Richard’s question regarding a seamstress for zipper repair (Sept. 16 Sun Spots), Sue Roebuck, “Mom the Mender” on Upper Street in Turner does a wonderful job. Her telephone number is 754-6558. — Marlene, Greene

ANSWER: Thank you for the recommendation! We must keep those zippers in working order.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Edward Little High School Class of 1956 is holding its 65th year reunion Oct. 16. We need help reaching out to classmates who may not have received the information because we didn’t have their updated addresses.

If anyone is interested in attending and would like the information they can call me at 312-5405. We always give a check for a scholarship fund. — Betty, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is there anyone who would like used birthday and Father’s Day greeting cards? My telephone number is 545-8021. We enjoy reading your column very much. — Clara, no town

ANSWER: The activities director of a local nursing facility or assisted living center may want them for crafts, or perhaps a children’s center could use them. Readers, if you would like these cards for crafting, please call Clara.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a Farberware 30-cup coffeemaker with pouring spout I would like to donate to an organization that could use it. Please call 786-2856.

Also, thank you for the information you have provided to the community all these years. It’s greatly appreciated and very enlightening. — Jackie, Lewiston

ANSWER: I’m sure a church, Grange hall, or soup kitchen could use that useful item. Let us know what happens.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I just want to thank the kind state trooper who rescued me in the big rainstorm. I was walking home on Depot Street from the post office in Dryden when the good Lord sent the rain down by the buckets. I was soaked but a state trooper came along and offered to take me home. — Heidi, Dryden

ANSWER: He was your angel, for sure. Thank you for sharing this, Heidi.

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