In response to Jaime Beaulieu’s letter (“Question 1 is undemocratic,” Sept. 23) concerning the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor, this individual fails to acknowledge that this controversial question should have been voted on by the people of Maine.

Petitions overwhelmingly signed by voters was supposed to be voted on last year, but was thrown out by a small group in Augusta taking this right away from the voting citizens of Maine.

This corridor was refused by both Vermont and New Hampshire and now ends up our state. The customers of Central Maine Power, a company owned by a group in Spain, know the company is not trustworthy. And giving them rights to further destroy our state, so to increase profits in Massachusetts where the power is going, is not right.

It was not for the other two states, and it is not for Maine. Let the people of this state decide once and for all if we will let outside profits for another country supersede our interest in our home that we call Maine.

Rachel Goulet, Greene

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