Too often, Auburn city leadership has taken the wrong path.

Too many are beholden to outmoded ideas, retrograde trends, and regressive policies that make life more challenging and more expensive. From special interests, which organize to amplify niche agendas, to the sad institutional inertia of politics, as usual-moderate, pragmatic perspectives are drowned out by political fundamentalism and selfish ego.

Auburn’s political leadership needs a drastic cultural change and infusion of new ideas. For that reason, I was thrilled to learn Dana Staples is running for Auburn City Council.

Staples has chaired the Auburn Comprehensive Plan Update Committee, served on the Auburn Complete Streets Committee, the Auburn Zoning Board of Appeals, the Auburn Planning Board, and the Auburn Parks and Recreational Advisory Board.

Staples has seen the challenges, changes, and opportunities Auburn faces. For that reason, I strongly encourage the citizens of Auburn to vote for Dana Staples for City Council.

Kimberly Sampson, Portland, former Auburn resident

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