I was thinking the other day about the way things are right now. We are a hair away from a civil war.

We are divided, and the socialists keeps coming up with ways to divide us more every day.

We never see both sides of a news story anymore. The media is always finding ways to trigger the other side as often as they can.

At some point they will find the actual trigger that blows our country in half. Heaven help us when that happens.

Students are being taught critical race theory, and that the Constitution does not apply today. Our kids are reading sexually explicit books in the school libraries. Then people are tearing down our history, making our founding fathers look like racists.

Everything is racist today. If one looks at a person or thinks differently about something, they’re racist. Also, whiteness comes into play — if you’re white you’re a racist, period.

The separation of a nation is never going to result in a United States — in a united people or just being an American period.

Since the pandemic this nation has turned a corner into the Twilight Zone. I only hope we can reunite again, but I fear it may be too late. Even our flag triggers some people.

We must pray for our nation.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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