DEAR SUN SPOTS: The winter holidays are not far away. First Universalist Church in Norway is having a Craft Fair on Dec. 3 in the evening and on Dec. 4 in the morning. We are looking for vendors. Rental for tables is $35.

For more information, please call 743-2828 and leave a message for Joanne McDonald or send an email to [email protected] with “Craft Fair” in the subject line. Of course, we are looking for shoppers, too! — Joanne, no town

ANSWER: I hope your fundraiser is a big success!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know of anyone who might repair a Uniden Bearcat scanner, circa 1985? It suddenly will not receive power when plugged in and turned on. The company’s flat rate of over $50 to evaluate plus the cost of shipping makes sending it out close to the cost of a new one. I’m wondering if anyone local repairs small electronics. — Mark, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: I’m wondering if someone on the police department might know of a local repair service. I did see that there are YouTube videos to do your own repair, but with a scanner of this vintage, I’m not sure if the parts would be available.

I also read that more and more public safety agencies have been transitioning toward operating on trunked and digital radio systems, making some of these older analog scanners obsolete.

Readers, if you can help Mark out, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for your valuable column which I have used in the past. I have seen help for chair caning in your column, but wasn’t in need. Now I am! Please offer names of people who do this type of work. — Mary, Paris

ANSWER: In the Rolodex I have Caning by Pam. Her contact information is 740-5495 or you can email her at [email protected].

I also have Wendy in Andover. She can be reached at 357-1058.

David and Donna at The Craft Shop at 597 Roosevelt Trail in Windham can be contacted at 892-0001. Their website is

The Chair Doctor is another option. John Leavitt can be found at 148 Poplar Hill Rd. in Turner ( You can reach him at 225-2293.

I’m so glad to offer you these contacts and to know that chair caning is not a lost art!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This past week a nice lady who works at CVS across the street from where my husband works stopped in to get a coffee. She saw his name tag and said, “A ring was found in our parking lot a while ago. It has the names ‘Peter and Fred’ inscribed on the inside. Could this be yours? After work, Peter stopped in to CVS and lo and behold, it was his ring. — Fred, no town

ANSWER: I’m so happy for you! This story warmed my heart and I’m sure our readers will enjoy it as well. Anecdotes such as this one help us to remember that there all kinds of good things happening in the world, in the midst of the madness.

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