100 Years Ago: 1921

In 1871 the Franco population of Lewiston was 1400. Few of them lived in Auburn, as that town offered less inducement. The growth in the number of Franco inhabitants in the years has been remarkable. In ’71, about one-sixth or less of the people in the twin cities were French. Today  the proportion is more than a third. Mr. Durocher at first didn’t intend to stay in Lewiston, but he says: “You know how it is. I would keep putting off my departure time and again, and so I would stay here in Lewiston another year longer. At other times something would come up to prevent my leaving.”  So, for the past fifty-seven years, he has resided in this city, well liked by everybody and well known in professional circles.

50 Years Ago: 1971

A former member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Minot Avenue, Auburn, will address church members this evening, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the church. She is Miss Claire Bridhgham. one of two registered nurses at the Seventh-day Adventist Ishaka Hospital in Uganda, East Africa, Slides will illustrate her talk on Africa.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Youths who are active in the New Beginnings Peer Education Group will participate in a bottle drive in Lewiston Saturday. The group, which goes by the name of TOUCH (Teaching Others Understanding, Caring and Healing) is involved in HIV prevention education. They are currently raising funds to finance a trip to Washington, D.C., when they will work as volunteers at the AIDS Memorial Quilt display. Some of the youths involved in the drive are Megan Hallman, Erin J. Miller and Michael Davis.

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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