For years I have read the propaganda pieces written by Cal Thomas and published in the Sun Journal, the newspaper we have called “our newspaper.”

I have suffered in silence. However, when Cal attacks the U.S. Postal Service and suggests it be “stamped out,” I will no longer be silent.

In his recent piece printed in the Oct. 6 paper, he goes through a litany of complaints about the USPS. He says part of the problem is “the huge amount of money USPS sets aside for pensions . . .”

He knows as well as I do the reason for that. Congress passed a law requiring the USPS to set aside a fund that would support 75 years of retirement pensions. What company does that? It was an obvious effort to cripple the postal service and lead to privatization.

This is, of course, the goal of people like Cal. His “sympathy” toward the USPS is sickening. He got to the main point of his column when he wrote, “Perhaps it’s time to figure out a replacement for the U.S. Postal Service and let it become a completely private business.” He knows the last president appointed the present postmaster general, knowing the man’s preference for privatization.

Cal Thomas is no friend of Americans who depend on the post office. He is carrying water for those who see big profits from killing off the USPS.

It would make me happy if the Sun Journal were to stop spreading Cal’s propaganda.

Rodney Abbott, West Paris

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