RANGELEY — The Rangeley Friends of the Arts (RFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We own the Rangeley Lakeside Theater located at 2493 Main St in Rangeley. We base all of our arts programs there. We run live theater events and musical concerts on our stage, an art gallery in our lobby, and we run movies on our big screen.

We give back to our community by letting other non-profit organizations use our space for free. During the school year we run a free drop-in afterschool program for teens. We subsidize student music and dance lessons. We apply for grants and solicit donations to help keep prices low on movies, concerts, and shows so our community can come out and enjoy these events.

We operate the Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery in the Theater lobby. We have artists from near and far who exhibit their work, promoting local artists and feeding the arts culture in Rangeley. We also host an annual Rangeley Lakes Regional School student exhibit to encourage the next generation of local artists.

In summer we run outdoor art shows, artist workshops, and free outdoor musical concerts. We support in-school and extra-curricular art programs and provide a yearly scholarship for a graduating senior. We give back to this wonderful community.

On Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021, please think about your local non-profit organizations. Give to your community. You receive much more than you give. Some examples of the local non-profit organizations:

  • Food pantry in the area
  • Rangeley Public Library
  • Rangeley Friends of the Arts
  • Rangeley Health & Wellness
  • Rangeley Historical Society
  • Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust
  • Maine Forestry Museum

FMI on the RFA and their programming, visit www.rangeleyarts.org

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