Just recently the Lewiston Education Association, which represents a large portion of the city’s educational staff, endorsed Jason Lavoie to be the at-large representative on the Lewiston School Committee.

LEA’s choice is a good one. Jason Lavoie has spent a number of years working on the front lines of education as an educational technician with special-needs children, first in Lewiston and now in Auburn.

His experience will provide the school committee with a unique perspective on how its actions will impact students, parents, and school staff, not to mention the community at large.

In addition to his direct classroom experience, he has taken a forthright stand in favor of measures like masking, which have sometimes been controversial but are necessary to protect everyone during the pandemic.

For these reasons, we will vote for Jason Lavoie for the Lewiston School Committee. We urge fellow voters to do likewise.

Chris and Joline Beam, Lewiston

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